Survey Design Service

Want a SEXY online survey for your business / research?

We will help you! 
Just buy us four cups of coffee :) a.k.a

"What will I get from this service?" - John

1). A simple and sexy online survey / questionnaire form
2). Unlimited questions & pages in your survey
3). Custom color and logo to show your company / business identity (optional)
4). A realtime report of your respondent, you can see their answers within seconds!
5). Downloadable report in many formats, can be easily copy and pasted to document (microsoft word)
6). Printable survey form, this will definitely help you if you want to do survey in your local neighbors
7). SPSS downloadable data, you'll love this if you're serious about data & statistic

"What should I do before you design my survey?" - John

1). You must prepare your survey title, questions and answer, and get it ready to send via email to mysexysurvey[at]
2). If you want to put images in the survey, please attach them within your questions email, and tell us where to put each images.

"If I order today, when will I have my survey ready?" - John

1). We will start designing your survey after receiving a survey title, questions and answers via email (email to mysexysurvey[at]
2). Expect at most 3 business day to have your online survey draft ready. After the draft ready, we will notify you to review it.
3). After you accept the draft, we will send you the web survey link, printable form, and realtime report link.

"How can I get a respondents for my survey?" - John

1). You can post your survey link in forums / facebook / twitter to attracts web visitor
2). You can send your survey link via email to your mailing list
3). Please not to get "spammy" when spreading your link, it'll drive away your potential respondents!

If you have any question about our service, please send an email to mysexysurvey[at]

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